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I hate when the fact that I'm getting older is thrown in my face, and it's happening more and more lately. This weekend, my daughter had a soccer tournament a couple of hours away. Like idiots, us parents decided we should drive out and come home Saturday night, only to drive back out there Sunday morning and back again. So about 8 hours in the car for a grand total of 1.5 hours of play. We drove out Saturday morning and got back again around 8 at night, only to drive out at 8 Sunday. We come back Sunday afternoon and go straight to our daughters' softball game (they're all on the same team and changed in the car), then my son has a baseball game at the same field immediately after that ended, so I go to that. Then I go to a friend's daughter's graduation party and get home and hang out with my son and husband for a while (I hardly saw him or my husband all weekend).

I didn't have a single alcoholic beverage all weekend. I managed to walk more than 5 miles each day and was asleep before 11 both days. But I still look and feel absolutely trashed, like I've been on a complete and total bender. What the fuck, body? This used to be nothing for you - what the hell happened?! It's like I hit 40 and every subsequent year another door falls off the jalopy.