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micro rant ... I have inherited my parents house in western NY, just south of Rochester. Back in the early 7os my dad was friends with a guy whos hobby was tracking down American Chestnut trees. I happen to have one in my yard thanks to him. So, the arborist I just hired to deal with my collection of pre-furniture [just joking, nothing is getting chopped down] informs me it is one of an incredibly small number of these trees that is not in an arboretum. There is a registry I could list it in, BUT people tend to find the GPS coordinates, go visit the trees and steal cutting, which can kill a tree if it is not done properly. Crap on a stick, I am proud of having the damned tree, I think it is way fucking cool I have such a rare tree and would love to list it but I don't want people tromping all over my damned yard and damaging my poor tree by stealing cuttings.

I did give my arborist permission to bring students of his to see it if they need something [people write theses about them, go figure. I can't keep an air fern alive and people base their entire career around stuff I can kill with my black thumb!]

I did have a friend suggest that I could learn the proper way to take and propogate cuttings, and make money on the side selling them ... apparently most of the 'american chestnut' trees offered online by random nurseries are chinese or chinese/american cross. I could actually see myself with a small tree farm, I think it would be sort of neat.