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Originally Posted by Monty View Post
The level of selfishness displayed by a select few individuals in this city is appalling. Trying to get a share-bike scooter can be quite the adventure. First two I reserved using the nifty app happened to be sans chains. Fine, the app tells me where the next one is so I figure, "What, one klick? No problem! I'll use a share bike (regular bike, non-electric) to ride to it." Dream on! I passed seven of them, two with no chain and five with personal locks on them. Selfish scum pull that stunt. I did finally get to the electric scooter, but that is not the kind of adventure I dream of.

And don't get me started on the geniuses who pull out of the school gate every morning, turning left (disregarding the clearly visible "no left turn" sign) into oncoming traffic ruing the height of the morning rush hour.
Hum, a squirt of superglue into the mechanism might just teach the personal lock crowd a lesson