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I'm having a bad, bad, bad week...well, sorta. I can tell ya it ain't easy.

Last Friday morning, a stray dog climbed over our fence and let us know that he would be staying with us from now on. The vet didn't find a chip and no one in the neighborhood knows anything about this dog, so it appears he is correct. He's the same breed and age as the stray that moved in with us three months ago, so he's practically family already. So now we have four dogs in our bedroom at night, and unfortunately Jack brought his balls with him, so nobody is getting any sleep. That problem will be solved on Thursday, but dang. I'm tired now.

Something else on Thursday...oh yeah. That's the day renovations are supposed to start on our second bathroom, so I guess we'll be having to share the master bath with my 27 year old stepson, who needs to leave for work at 5:30 in the mornings. This is going to be super fun.