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Looks like I didn't have the pulse of the Tory party. It can be difficult to find on a cold-blooded animal.

If your conservative party is like that, why is the UK so stuck up when it comes to drug laws?

Aren't the soft Brexiters the main problem here? The hard Brexiters might be wrong but the EU is a club and you can be in it or not and they've decided they don't want to be in it. I think they're wrong but they get to be wrong. Remainers are also plain enough, either wanting to retain current links with the EU or add to them.

Soft Brexiters, on the other hand, are a continuation of the British tendency to want to pick and choose, to have a custom-made membership just for the UK. There may be tiers to a club but a club that offers individualized memberships won't be much of a club and will probably be constantly tied up in internal politics rather than whatever common project it may have (kinda like Parliament and the Tories right now). If soft Brexiters decided which side of the debate they're on (in or out) instead of trying to sit on the fence, there would be a majority in Parliament.

That tendency to try to be shrewd but in a pretty base way, to try to maximize your individual gains while minimizing your individual contribution, playing it as close as possible to the line like the UK asking for exceptions, Cameron taking that stupid Brexit bet, May taking that stupid election bet and how many others. It seems like people in denial about the choices they have to make, what they can gain and what it may cost.