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After I posted that I went and researched it a little more. The Studebaker - Mercedes tie up was shorter than I thought. Some sources say 1957-64, others say 1958-63. Maybe some are going by when the deal was officially signed and terminated, others by model years sold. But anyway the gist of it was that Mercedes wasn't that well known in America in the 1950s, and they wanted to get a larger foothold here, so the struck a deal to sell cars through Studebaker's still relatively large dealer network. Studebaker meanwhile hoped that distribution fees from Mercedes sales would help keep the company afloat. By 1963 Mercedes was slowly gaining popularity and didn't want to be associated with a failing company, and terminated the deal and started setting up their own dealerships. Apparently at least some former Studebaker dealers became Mercedes dealers as a result.

Here's one article on the Studebaker - Mercedes tie up.

That does interestingly correlate with the time Studebaker was using Mercedes style grills.

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