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Aunts have many privileges, including driving the their own scooters. We saw a flash of the old Serena Joy, but there's only so much she can do behind the scenes and we know how suddenly her mood shifts. On the other hand she has a lot less left to loose now. And as cruel as the Handmaid system is she does have a point; events like this reception make everyone uncomfortable and don't really serve a point. It's bad enough that Handmaids have to silently watch as their stolen children are publicly paraded before them by other people they have to act like happy party guests (who stay in the kitchen & can't eat from the buffet) at the risk of brutal punishment if they step out of line. And it's not like Janine isn't already known for mental problems. What I'm really curious about is whether Aunt Lydia is going to suffer any kind of consequences for her actions. I mean I doubt beating Janine is the issue, but she did loose control in a room full of horrified Wives & Commanders and a baby (as opposed to having Janine dragged out of the room and punished later). Everything we've seen so far suggests she's the highest ranking Aunt in the district, but she clearly answers to someone. Either there's an unseen Commander overall in charge of the Red Center or maybe she answers directly to the District Council?