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Originally Posted by alphaboi867 View Post
Everything we've seen so far suggests she's the highest ranking Aunt in the district, but she clearly answers to someone. Either there's an unseen Commander overall in charge of the Red Center or maybe she answers directly to the District Council?
Those are interesting questions. But we won't get answers to them.

That's what's wrong with this show, or rather, what the show has become, as I still hold the first season in high regard. But it's changed. There's no more world-building. There's no more exploration of the interesting details of Gilead.

You may know of the concept in show-writing called "the bottle episode." Basically an episode with a greatly scaled-back scope, with a skeleton crew of a cast, confined to a small set, heavy on dialogue. It's a convenient contrivance for when the show's budget, or schedule, or both, are tight. "Fly" was one such episode on Breaking Bad. Well, every episode of The Handmaid's Tale is now essentially a bottle episode. After this season so far, I'm convinced of it.

Based on that, I expect every episode from here on out to essentially be summed up as "the same small handful of people, talking to each other, slowly, in a handful of different rooms." And it's a shame, because there's so much potential, but ever since they deviated from the book, they're out to lunch.