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Well the ending was certainly unexpected. What the hell is Fred's plan here? What's his comeback going to be if the Canadians do something really simple like demand June and him show up in person for a Family Court hearing or DNA test? Who are they trying to fool with June meekly & silently standing in the background? I don't see the point unless Gilead is really planning to use Nicole/Holly as a pretext to attack Canada (personally if I escaped from Gilead I'd try like hell to be resettled in Australia).

Serena was as wildly inconsistent as ever, if it weren't so early in the season I might actually believed she'd defect. She's obviously valuable enough not to have to worry about being tried for treason or crimes against humanity. The cassette tapes were a nice touch. I wonder if we'll finally get to see Fred on the wrong side of a purge this season. If push comes to shove I can still see Serena selling him out and giving whatever performance is asked of her at the show trial.