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Thanks for the ideas to reduce my pain. A decent cushion helps, but as this is not the first time I've dealt with this, I have a decent butt-cushion handy. This is really annoying timing. I'm worried it's going to interfere with my cataract surgery.
A bit of good news:

The swelling/abscess started reducing in size and pain on its own, a first for me. By the time I got to the doctor, the palpable hard area was smaller, and the pain was greatly reduced. I took a week's worth of cipro/flagyl, and the doctor said the hard area was gone. I still feel it though, a bit, as I sit here. Not worth mentioning with everything else going on, as long as it stays that way. Hopefully that will stay at bay until I see the doctor about a proctectomy in September.

The abscess didn't interfere in my cataract surgery. After a year of waiting, I finally got my first eye operated on Thursday. It's an improvement. Things are brighter, colors are more vivid. Things in general are sharper, but I still don't have great distance vision or near vision. My current glasses are useless for that eye, so I removed the lens. Now I'm just not wearing my glasses, as they don't appreciably help my bad eye either. I don't think I've gone without my glasses for 43 years. It's odd.

Friday I have my one-day follow-up. Hopefully he'll give me a projected timetable on my healing, and when I can start thinking about a new set of glasses. Probably not for a couple months though, since it'll be another month before the other eye is fixed. My vision is much improved, but until I can get my next pair of glasses, it won't be what you might call good, or even decent. My close-up vision in my repaired eye is so bad I look at small print with my bad eye, from about 3-4 inches.

It's a start.

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