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This week marked our 25th wedding anniversary.

We actually have two anniversaries. The official one is in April. Back in 1994, I needed to leave my Bangkok rooming house and move into faculty quarters at Chulalongkorn University, where the wife was a professor. But I could not move in unless we were legally married, so we registered our marriage at one of the district offices in Bangkok. That made us officially married in the eyes of the Thai and US governments and is the date we use for official purposes. However, Thai society in general and the wife's family in particular did NOT consider us married. So the wife, despite being in her mid-30s, still had to live with her family, with whom she had been staying since we returned to Thailand from Hawaii earlier that year. We underwent a traditional Chinese ceremony -- the wife is ethnically Chinese -- performed by her mother in June on a date determined by my mother-in-law's fortune teller as auspicious. And THAT is the date we consider our real anniversary.

In honor of our 25th anniversary, we will tonight head to Hy's Steakhouse here in Waikiki. This will leave a large hole in our savings, but hey, once every 25 years is okay.
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