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Originally Posted by WOOKINPANUB View Post
...On a different note, I'm not sure I understand what's going on with Emily and her wife. I realize their separation and all that followed have been traumatic but why do they seem so awkward with one another? Weren't they happily married when Emily got detained? When they finally reunited it was like they were distant relatives or something.Has it been explained that the wife (sorry I forget her character's name)had moved on and is with someone else or something? Why on earth would Emily stay at a hotel?
Emily is severely traumatized; she's been enslaved, tortured, repeatedly raped by multiple men, and subjected to female genital mutilation. The FGM was a result of her cheating on her wife with a Martha and it's not clear if she's even told her wife yet. Her wife & son spent years in a horrible limbo where they didn't even know if she was alive or dead. Her son doesn't really know here. Emily was an accomplished university professor before Gilead and now she can't even get through an eye test or reading a children's book without getting overwhelmed.

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...I can't figure June out, either. She is the stupidest person alive, is all I can figure. She has absolutely no concept of do the hard thing now so you can do other things in the future...Are we supposed to be assuming that June is working up to become a resistance leader or some such nonsense?
Yes, June isn't nearly as smart or as strong as she thinks she is. She repeatedly makes very stupid decisions without regard to the consequences to herself or others. She's gotten at least one person sent to the Wall before, and she had dozens of people risk death to not only get her out of Gilead, but to get her out of Gilead with her newborn, and she basically shat on them when she decided to stay. And she has been called out on this by Cmdr. Lawrence, but I think the writers really are setting her up to become some kind of resistance leader. It's hard to believe that her and the Waterfords constantly covering for each other has worked this long. I'm actually starting to think it hasn't worked and the Eyes know a lot about all the shit that's gone down, but it's just doing into a file to be used against Fred if the Eyes want to blackmail or purge him.