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Yeah, bummer the eyes surgeries are so far apart. I have what may be the best vision I've ever had in my corrected eye. Well, except for close-up. At about 14" or so, it starts to go fuzzy. I printed out a chart to gauge what strength reading glasses I need, and ordered a pair off ebay. Hopefully they will help for the several weeks I have left before I can get proper glasses prescribed.

Been doing OK, abscess-wise. Finished my antibiotics, doctor said the abscess had gone down to the point where it was no longer palpable. Hope it stays away until later this year, when I get the proctectomy.

Gotta figure out my SSI, and how long I can stay in rehab/skilled care facility before they stop paying me. I'll likely need to stay in rehab for awhile after the proctectomy, but I'll still need to pay for the apartment so I have a place to stay when I get home. Last time I went in, 6 weeks went by, then I went home and got stuck in a chair, because that was when I would have switched over to long-term care. They didn't do a good job of explaining the ramifications of that. Made me feel like I was checking myself into a place I couldn't check out of, and I wasn't about to do that. I hadn't even considered that SSI wouldn't pay me while I was in there.

I've all but convinced myself that SSI will probably pay me for the period before the 'long-term care' kicks in. I'll have to look into it, but if that's the case, 6 weeks should be ample time to heal and be well enough to return to my apartment. I'll see if I can save up a cushion in case things don't go as planned, but it won't be much.