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Originally Posted by Bone View Post
The primary component of fascism in my view is authoritarianism. That can come from anywhere - the desire to control others isn't monopolized by the left or right.
Disagree. There is an authoritarian left but generally there are major differences between right wing and left wing authoritarianism.

Right wing tends to be nationalistic, while left wing doesn't believe in national borders.
Right wing believes in racial and gender heirarchies, left wingers generally do not (at least nominally)
Right wing authoritarians tend to be friendly to powerful corporations, left wing ones are not

Fascism is more right wing authoritarianism, motivated by a sense of defenselessness in the face of domestic and foreign threats.

And not all authoritarian regimes are ideological. I wouldn't personally consider the dictatorship in Syria to be either right or left wing. A lot of dictatorships are just about maintaining the power and status of the dictator and their inner circle, not about any political ideology. Personally I'd consider Islamic extremist groups fascist (like Al Qaeda or ISIL), North Korea is arguably fascist, and the resurgence of neofascism in Europe & the US in response to globalization and islamic migration is fascist too. But its nothing like Venezuela which is a different kind of authoritarian regime.
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