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Originally Posted by Smapti View Post
A brown woman with a different religion has dared to occupy a position of authority and speak against the Great White Father, and this simply will not do.
Originally Posted by madmonk28 View Post
Trumpism is a white nationalist movement and she’s an elected person of color. They need to keep their rapid base angry and mobilized for the election.
Yeah, I think a lot of future MAGAsses were freaked out by having a black man--who was also a possible Kenyan Mooslim--as a president. The horror!

One anecdote I've posted before is that after Oprah gave a speech at the Oscars and some people were saying she should run for president, one die-hard MAGAss I know posted on Facebook something to this effect:

"I don't mean to sound racist, but didn't we already have a black president? Let's not make the same mistake twice."

As I've also mentioned, his issue wasn't that Oprah wasn't qualified or had no experience in government or the military, because that applies to Trump, and unlike Trump, she actually runs a successful business empire. His issue, according to what he posted, is that she's black.