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Originally Posted by Monty View Post
Bullshit. You believe it with the fanaticism of the classic convert.
And for that there is evidence:
Originally Posted by Rick Kitchen View Post
Individual 1 repeated the calumny that Ilhan Omar married her brother.
Originally Posted by Sage Rat View Post
I'd advise against getting too defensive towards Omar on that one. The information that Omar can't delete is all conducive to the brother hypothesis and the information which is purported to have been deleted, if faked, would have required professional photo shoots, professional photo manipulation, and professional graphic design to pull off. Given that this is supposed to have been pulled off by some crazy right-wing blogger, not the CIA, and that the story does originate out of her country of birth, not the right wing web, I'd expect to get egg on my face by standing too close to her.

The more the Democrats defend Omar, the greater the chance that they take a severe political hit if the evidence comes in. That evidence does seem relatively likely to come in.
Doesn't believe it but believes there is evidence for it?