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Originally Posted by Sage Rat View Post
I don't believe it, as said in post 79.

As I have said, many times, my point is that it's unwise for the Democratic party to put all of its eggs into one basket at this moment in time, not that there's a correct basket. If you decide that I'm saying something other than that, when I clearly say that this is how to read my statements, then I can't really help you.
People who don't believe something don't advocate so strongly for them. They don't come up with complicated ways to ignore the evidence that contradicts said belief. If you were truly neutral, you would recognize that all evidence is against your claim, but you don't--not just no evidence, but negative evidence.

You can say you don't believe it all you want, but your repeated actions demonstrate otherwise. The entire point of the "just asking questions" trolling technique that you continue to use is to pretend you do not believe something while just asking questions about it.

You keep on talking about all of this evidence that would be difficult to fake. But you have provided none of this evidence. You refuse to bring the evidence that you claim exists to proper scrutiny. Why would you do this other than to push a narrative? (And why do you keep ignoring how easy it is to fake a screenshot. You just edit the page in place.)

People don't listen to your words when your actions do not back them up. You argue like the rape apologist who says they aren't actually defending the rapist. Then why the constant excuses?

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