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Originally Posted by Crane View Post
In the military I was taught that there is no responsibility without commensurate authority. That should apply to the Conservative concept of personal responsibility.

So, if personal responsibility is a Conservative value, then:

Without authority over her own reproduction, a woman cannot be financially responsible. The Conservative position should logically be pro-birth control and pro-abortion.

The corporate form isolates the individual from responsibility for his personal actions. He can exercise authority without accepting responsibility. The Conservative position should be against the corporate form.

I believe this is not the case. Personal responsibility is not a Conservative value.

This is a good post, and it gave me pause for a while and made me think deeply enough to set off smoke alarms.

I think you are wrong because the military is a bit of a special case of how responsibility exists, because you exist in the military to carry out orders through the chain of command.

An absolutist view of military responsibility is that if your Sargent tells you to throw a grenade into that hut of orphans, and you carry out that order, you are blameless. It is on him.

Things have evolved, and that defense failed at Nuremberg, but to a degree, the original concept holds. Within a set of parameters that do not include war crimes and atrocities and that fit within the military code of conduct, you have no moral agency or responsibility. So, what you are talking about is responsibility as it applies to the military or other rigidly structured organization.

In other words, you are talking about organizational responsibility, not personal responsibility.

You give an example of a woman without control of her reproduction, but there are aspects of control of her reproduction that do not include abortion.

You also talk about corporate responsibility which exists under the legal fiction that a corporation is a person and that no responsibility is possible to such an entity. I agree that responsibility is too often obfuscated in practice. But, in theory the board of directors, chairman and CEO are responsible for corporate conduct. I think this would potentially work fine if we applied it and gave it teeth.