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Originally Posted by steronz View Post
My question is, isn't "personal responsibility" if used in this scenario and in this manner just a code word for "I don't want to deal with the problems my racist grandparents helped create and I have clearly benefited from?"
Yes, I got it. We are many pages in, and for some reason the concept that you can only be personally responsible for the things you yourself are responsible for personally seems to be a difficult one.

You live in relative comfort now because your ancestor Thag Stevens helped in the great Neanderthal genocide. You are descended from a long line of vicious selfish bad-asses who outfought, outfucked, outthought, outlucked, and rapes killed and stole from everybody else since the dawn of history. If you want to be sad about it, trace your lineage, and make all the reparations you feel.