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Originally Posted by steronz View Post
The disconnect is that you keep talking about your own personal responsibility, but there are other kinds of responsibility, no?
Of course. Why are you appealing to or suggesting hypocrisy by directing your argument against that doesn’t apply to the actual situation?

People, even conservatives, regularly feel a sense of responsibility for taking care of loved ones, family, friends, and neighbors. People feel a sense of responsibility for their communities, their country, etc. I don't know if you consider these responsibilities to be personal or not -- certainly they don't fit in with what description -- but they are responsibilities nonetheless, and they are very real.

My point isn't that your own personal responsibility should extend to those areas.
No, it shouldn’t. I can say that I have responsibilities to my friend, country, school district, Etc. These are not personal responsibility. Doesn’t mean that they are not important, or that I can ignore them.

My point is that conservatives use other people's personal responsibility as an excuse to eschew their own non-personal responsibility for their community, their neighbors, or their country.
I think you’ve bungled the job.

It seems to what you are actually saying is that conservatives say “That’s not my mess, I’m not cleaning it up,” or “clean up your own mess.”

You do know that Republicans tend to give more to charity, don’t you? I don’t think what you are saying holds true.

What it seems to me that you are trying to do is say: “something bad happened here 50-100 years ago, so I want to force this group of people who had nothing to do with it to give some stuff to this other bunch of people that had nothing to do with it.” Somehow you are trying to tie this in to Personal responsibility so you can paint conservatives as hypocrites or whatever.

The fact is that I think redistribution are generally bad and unworkable and undesirable on so many levels as to be dismissible. It’s easy to be generous with somebody else’s stuff.

The way I, as a conservative handle these things in one very small way is that I also promote the common good in my community. I have God’s own lawnmower. The trout commission owns land across the street. I mow it for free so kids can play and people can walk their dogs and such, because I can, and it’s nice for my community.

It is not my “personal responsibility” to do so, any more than it is for me to pick up garbage I find on the road when I go for a run.

I too live in a community that is not far away from one that is not so nice. I do things that help improve that community too. I have done them personally, financially, by serving boards, etc.

Lots of conservatives, liberals.....people just do these things, because it’s nice and feels good (and let me the first to admit that being a well thought of charitable community minded guy has its own benefits, but so what?)