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Originally Posted by steronz View Post
"I'll never convince them to take personal responsibility and care for their lives" is a strange way to talk about taxes.
Perhaps you aren't understanding what Romney was saying, and that it was a bad example.
I'm still trying to figure out what part of my argument you folks are objecting to.
The part where you are saying that I am responsible for fixing someone else's problems when I didn't cause them.
Do you, Shodan, feel any responsibility to help out your fellow Americans if you don't feel that they're taking sufficient personal responsibility for their own situation?
Up to a point, sure. If they are threatened with some dire catastrophe, that could mean I help, at least the first time or two. But not based on any idea that I am responsible for it.

If you are confronted with someone in a situation - they're poor, for instance, not starving, but poor. You gave them $100 for groceries, out of a sense of altruism. Instead, they spent it all on lottery tickets. They ask you for another $100. You ask them what they are going to spend it on, and they reply that they have no reason to change anything - fixing the problem of their poverty is entirely up to you.

Do you feel any responsibility for helping them? Are you responsible for fixing their problems, no matter what they do?