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Re the OP - Reparations for racist history

For those of us in the United States, American culture is determined by the government which is defined by the Constitution.

It is our collective responsibility to maintain a political philosophy that "promotes the general welfare". That does not require specific compensation of individuals for our racist sins of the past. Specific reparations for our racist history are unnecessary and are, in many ways, harmful. We have a collective responsibility to eliminate racism and progress in such a way that legally and economically we move toward a more egalitarian society.

This requires some social programs and some social engineering. Some among us will immediately claim all such moves are Socialism or Communism, which of course is not true. All wealth is created by collusion between the government and the private sector. Public policy determines whether that wealth accrues to the many or to the few. We are individually responsible to hold political philosophies that "promote the general welfare" not the welfare of some upper percentile.

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