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Originally Posted by Crane View Post
"People own their own labor and can sell it as they see fit." (Scylla)

Surely you jest. Is that some kind of Libertarian nonsense? Certainly is single dimensional. In 2004 I was living in a small New Mexico town and consulting for companies in Si Valley, Texas and Israel. I billed $100 an hour. My Navaho friends were lucky to bill $5.00 an hour when they could find a job. I was selling fifty years of experience thru contacts I had made during that time. Do you propose that my cowboy buddy, Hector Apachito, could hitch hike to Sunnyvale CA and land a job that would even pay him enough to live there? Your economics education is wanting.

Supply and demand are just 2 of the parameters that determine the compensation paid for labor.

What I said is true. Whether or not they get any takers if they overprice their labor is besides the point.