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Originally Posted by Wrenching Spanners View Post
Overall, I think Boris's cabinet choices are good. For the major positions, Javid, Raab, and Wallace are all qualified. I don't think Patel has the experience for Home Secretary, but I think her appointment was a combination of patronage, demographics, and wanting a yes-woman in the job. All the rest, to the extent that I recognise their names, seem decent choices.
What are Raab's qualifications? He was Brexit Secretary for all of 5 months, after which he resigned because he didn't like his government's Brexit policy. Specifically, he didn't like the Withdrawal Agreement which had been in place since he took the job and which he must have known it was his role as Cabinet Member and Brexit Secretary to support. As Brexit Secretary, he did take part in negotiations with the EU. This apparently led to him being nicknamed "the turnip" by EU negotiators and despite a certain amount of bluster from "friends of Dominic Raab" that he was the negotiator the EU feared most, didn't lead to anything else. To be fair, this is because he was utterly sidelined by May, but "held the job title but not the responsibility" isn't a qualification.

Other than that... I genuinely don't know what he's done that would even count as a potential qualification for Foreign Sec.

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