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Originally Posted by Max S. View Post
If you admit there are location-independent circumstances where people barely if at all make a "living wage", it does not follow that all people can, will, or even ought to sell their labor at market price or relocate for jobs.
I am not sure I am following your argument, but yes - some people cannot earn enough to support themselves.

Jordan Peterson, in one of his YouTube videos, talks about intelligence testing in the military. And according to the video, the military won't take you if you have an IQ below (IIRC) 83. Their experience is that there is no job in the military where it is cost-effective to put someone if his or her IQ is less than 83 - it is more trouble than it is worth. They can't move them around to a less demanding job - there are no jobs in the military little enough demanding for someone like that. JP says that about 10% of the population has an IQ below 83.

So, I for one am perfectly willing to accept that some people can never find work that will pay a living wage. Not because they won't relocate - no matter where they move, nobody will hire them.

Is that what you are talking about?