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Originally Posted by Max S. View Post
A lender evaluates whether or not Fred is a financially responsible person.
No they don’t.

They just decide whether or not they will get paid on time, and whether the collateral is a desirable alternative. It’s a pretty strict numbers thing.

Financial responsibility is a form of personal responsibility. "Fred has a sense of financial responsibility. He has not missed a single payment in the past ten years." "Fred has no sense of financial responsibility. I see that we have already given him multiple extensions on existing loans and he tends to make partial payments after the due date."
Nope. It’s not like that. Fred can have a perfect payment history and if his debt to income is too high, than his personal responsibility is moot. If his collateral is really good it might not matter how big a piece of shit he has been, because the lender might want the collateral.

A hiring manager evaluates whether or not Fred is a responsible person. "Fred's references say he has a solid sense of personal responsibility. When Fred says he will have something done by Friday, he will have something done by Friday." "Fred's references say he has no sense of personal responsibility, and he routinely let projects slip past deadlines."
I think you are stretching to put it in these terms. I’d be surprised to hear a hiring manager do so, especially in today’s environment where references are tough to get because of liability. They are most likely going to look at qualifications, salary requirements and interviews. You are not going to learn the kind of things you are talking about until after they’ve been hired.

Even in advice to a friend about a prospective date, you may weigh your opinion based on a judgement of personal responsibility. "Fred is a real solid guy, solid job, solid family, solid friends if I say so myself. He never stands a girl up and he's not the kind of person to cheat. I think he'll treat you well." "Fred? That guy is a sleaze, he's got more debt than the Donald, he'll have you pay for dinner, and he's got a history of disappearing the morning after. Just ask Sue."

I will give you this last one, but that seems to be a case where judging is specifically called for.

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