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Originally Posted by MichaelEmouse View Post
What do they think would happen if he pulls off a no-deal Brexit without a new election? That's what seems the most likely because it only requires the people involved to keep aboard the train for in-fighting purposes as it races towards the cliff.
He doesn't need to "pull it off". It will happen automatically if nothing else changes (i.e. some agreement he can persuade parliament to accept - no chance, no time, or a further extension agreed by the 27, which hardly seems likely, given the way the party leaderships are frittering away the current one, or a new government revoking Article 50 and calling the whole thing off).

Or if you mean if a no-deal Brexit that turns out not to have too serious consequences... I doubt any government could manage that, and certainly not this shower. Those that know what they're doing (and they're gey few) actively want a future for this country that would horrify me (and I think most of us). Chlorinated chicken and smashing up the Union might be the least of it.