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Originally Posted by monstro View Post
But how does a complex brain equate to free will?
Only in the sense of being indistinguishable in practice, like a computer-generated pseudorandom sequence being indistinguishable from a million dice-rolls. I'm not using the complexity of the brain to prove free will, I just argue that the complexity of the brain (relative to our current understanding of its mechanics and probably our future understanding for at least the next several decades) means we may as well act as if it operates by free will.

We have complex computers. We may as well say they have free will, right? Well, no, because someone knows how they work and understands their programming.
Even this is slipping away from us, with computer systems becoming sufficiently complex that no human can grasp how they overall work. (reference: CGP Grey, "How Machines Learn")

One day our complex brains may cease to be a mystery to us. If this happens, do you think people will still conclude we may as well believe in free will, or do you think they will adopt a different ideological framework?
I think at that point, "free will" as a concept will probably be abandoned. Arguably, humanity will have to do this at some point to ensure its long-term survival, since without some significant tinkering with human instinct, future technology will empower psychopaths to kill millions the way contemporary psychopaths use modern firearms to kill dozens.
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