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Originally Posted by terentii View Post
Lugers or M-1911s with their slides locked back, indicating the gun is empty, but the users never bother to reload them and just keep on firing.
M1911s (or similar) with the hammer down, and the guy is threatening to shoot someone. Dude, you can pull the trigger all you want -- it's not going off.

Military uniforms in combat where they don't have any spare ammo pouches or other gear on their belts, and their uniforms are pristine clean.

Supposedly 'live' ammo where you can see the dented primer in the base, or fired cartridges which are obviously crimped blank rounds. This is just so fucking lazy you can tell they didn't care.

A semi-auto or full-auto firearm that goes *click*click*click* when empty. The slide is locked back -- it's not going to click! And full-autos go *clickclicklclickclickclick*

Any show where a trained professional has his finger on the trigger and they're pointing the gun everywhere. You see this in cop shows all the time.