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Originally Posted by Kobal2 View Post
How many times do we have to explain this to your types : absent strong moral imperatives and social consequences for breaking them, the Invisible Hand does. Not. Work.
I'd say that with respect to American housing issues, the Invisible Hand's obstacles are a host of regulatory requirements: zoning, parking minimums, setback requirements, height limitations, lot size requirements, you name it.

Take the Vienna, VA Metro station. You could have a town built around this Metro stop, there's surely thousands more people who'd like to live on that side of the DC area and be within walking distance of the Metro than can actually do so. It's not the invisible hand that preserves all that single-family housing there, or prioritizes parking spaces within walking distance of the Metro over apartments within walking distance of the Metro. It's zoning in the former case, and probably a mix of politics and zoning in the latter case.

If I were the Housing God, I'd get rid of all the zoning, parking, setback requirements within a quarter-mile of any permanently constructed mass transit stop. Just build, baby!