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Originally Posted by RTFirefly View Post
If I were the Housing God, I'd get rid of all the zoning, parking, setback requirements within a quarter-mile of any permanently constructed mass transit stop. Just build, baby!
Well, concrete jungles have their own downside(s), and what's possible in Japan due to their strong cultural community values of is not necessarily workable elsewhere. So I wouldn't call for an absolutely unrestricted license to build. Unless you really like Mumbai for some reason.
But I agree there's a more sensible middle to be reached than preserving residential suburbia. I'm not sure I could articulate what the "correct" population density would be where the comfort of each is high enough, the alienation of the individual is kept to a minimum, infrastructure requirements/solutions are neither problematic nor overtaxed and housing supply is plentiful enough that rents don't make your eyes explode. What we could call an "harmonious and balanced order of things", at the risk of sounding a bit Mysteriously Auriental about it .
However, since such an ideal population density level must perforce exist, and is presumably actively sought out by wonks and be-spectacled eggheads of various stripes, you bet it should be strongly encouraged by laws and regs, and abuses in either direction (too much nimby vs too much skyscraping) prevented. This over the will of both suburbanites clutching their pearls and developpers dreaming of having to find a new bank because they've filled up the first one.