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Originally Posted by Annie-Xmas View Post
I'm pretty sure that McDonald's was the first fast food chain to offer breakfast foods, starting in 1972 with the Egg McMuffin (and Big Breakfast and Pancakes & Sausage).
FWIW, this site says Jack in the Box produced the first breakfast sandwich in 1969, but it doesn't say specifically it was the Breakfast Jack. I can't say I definitely ate them at that time, but I think I did.

Originally Posted by Acsenray View Post
It wasn't until the late 1990s that it seemed to me that egg breakfast sandwiches--defined as cooked egg with cheese and meat (ham, sausage, bacon, etc.) inside bread (English muffins, toast, croissants, etc.) became standard at any cafeteria-style grill, and appeared in some form on almost any breakfast menu.

Does this timeline represent the advent of grilled egg breakfast sandwiches for anyone else? Or did they become a staple much earlier than I experienced?
I had the Breakfast Jack many times in the late 80s, and possibly earlier.