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Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
Is it? Technically, gravitational fields are imaginary, there's no way to see one directly, yet they have a strong effect regardless. Evolution doesn't even have a tangible expression of it's existence like gravity does, it's just a series of mathematical rules that end up working out to net information and complexity gains.

What I am saying it, market dynamics are real. They happen every time there are more than a single competing provider of a good or service and some mechanism for exchanging units of value. (whether it be barter or currency)
I don't think he's saying market forces don't exist. To me (and I expect, to him too, but my crystal ball's in the shop so he'll have to confirm), "the invisible hand" is shorthand for the idea that market forces, in and of themselves, always reach an optimum distribution where everybody's happy, or at least relatively equally unhappy.
And that's bollocks.