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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
So, you'd allow the government to use Eminent Domain to kick a thousand people out of their $Million dollar homes, then bulldoze them to build condos? You'd be out of office so fast, it'd be a record.

And you can't just plop down a 20 story apt building in the middle of the suburbs. Not enough infrastructure.
The Federal government, or the State government, has an interest in seeing high density. So everyone in Silicon valley and a few other areas might vote against the new rules, but other people wouldn't care, and many would vote for it from the higher level. This has already happened, with the State government deciding that local municipalities can can it. Perfectly legal. Each level of government does trump the one below it and they will not get anywhere if they protest it in court, with a few exceptions.

As for a sane development policy, it would look like the following:

a. No more property tax exclusions. This gives people sitting on valuable land an incentive to move.
b. Property tax needs a density surcharge. That 20 story building is going to require a lot of infrastructure upgrades to support - it is perfectly fair to add on an additional tax, times the number of stories or the number of times over that residential space covers the lot it's on, or some other reasonable measure.

(so if the 20 story building covers a 1 acre lot, and has 10 acres of total rentable space, there is a 10 times multiplier times some kind of tax. Perhaps 10 times 0.1% the building's value, or 1% of the value of the lot annual or something)
c. Limited exemptions for historic buildings - you can't just declare whole districts historic
d. Density taxes should eventually apply to nearby buildings to discourage squatting. So if your house is surrounded on 4 sides by skyscrapers paying a density surcharge, after a certain number of years, your house is also subject to the same tax they are paying. Pay it or sell.

Maybe my formula needs some adjustment. Point is, that if a developer wants to put a skyscraper in the middle of a low rise area, they should be able to do so, they should just have to pay the taxes required to upgrade the streets and utilities leading to it and pay for all the extra residents they are bringing in.

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