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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
So explain? I think it is very controversial. Explain why it does.
I have covered this in previous posts. Please check them out, and if you want to debate it, quote the parts Iíve argued that I disagree with - but Iím not just going to repeat myself.

But when Nobel Prize winning economists like Krugman and the architect of the Swedish welfare system, Gunnar Myrdal, tell people it is foolish to think that rent control is good economic policy, people should listen.

Where? You dont mean this cite:
I do not. When speaking of the mayor saying that heís aware of construction projects being delayed or cancelled, I linked to the article that reported the mayor saying that thing. I did not read a HUD webpage and fictionalize the views of the San Jose mayor.

Because you see- Rent Control in San Jose does not pertain in the slightest to new construction. Nothing built after 1979 is under rent control.
What sense does that possibly make? If rent control helps people, why should it apply only to old housing?

My theory is that as locales realized that rent control is a failed policy, they relaxed those rules to encourage investors to build units that they would not have. This theory seems to be common sense, and fully supports the consensus of economists. Plus, I canít think of any other rational explanation for old vs. new policy.