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Originally Posted by Monty View Post
You cannot use the same techniques at that elevation.
Pretty sure you can. There is no magical difference between 10,000 feet and 30,000 feet except for a lack of oxygen. Mountain is still made of granite. Suspension cables still can span for a kilometer if you need to skip past ice flows and other unstable regions. Gravity and other forces are within a small percent. Also, fun fact, wind force is proportional to pressure, so some of the forces might actually be easier to deal with.

So your workers wear pressure suits. Pressure-compression suits if you can afford a custom run of them. (originally the U-2 spyplane pilots wore these, they are real). Advantage of these type of suits is they don't balloon like spacesuits and it is more practical to work while wearing them.

Space suits are expensive and the work would go much slower and you get much less work done per worker per hour. Plus you need to train the workers in suit usage and probably pay them like divers.

So the project is expensive. Maybe too expensive to be done. I never claimed it was easy or even economically feasible, just clearly and obviously technically feasible.

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