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Originally Posted by Sunny Daze View Post
Yes. Sammy's the one who advocated for killing the elderly before they die of natural causes OR if they start showing any signs of mental decay. See, what you is, you kill them, cut their head off and then you cryogenically preserve their head. Later, when we can replicate the human brain with nanabots, you can defrost the head and move all those precious memories into nanobots brains. It's simple! Not remotely horrid to argue for killing billions. Nope. He's a peach! (And the science is spot. on.)
Or saving billions. The science that human consciousness, personality, and memories comes from the physical structure of the brain is spot on. Small sections of animal brain have been successfully frozen and revived, with neural electrical activity upon revival. So the basic idea seems like it has more traction than letting the elderly turn into corpses with absolute certainty on relatively short and predictable timescales.

"killing" is a point of view argument that is actually surprisingly slippery. Unfortunately, our moral systems are not really designed for advancing technology.

For example, the most plausible way all this would work is, one of your relatives is showing symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. This person is examined by licensed physicians, and fMRIs reveal his/her brain is slowly going dark.

Rather than wait for your relative to turn into a corpse for certain, you make the decision to have him/her frozen. (you have power of attorney) Medicare provides the service, and a couple centuries later the frozen brain sample is scanned and an accurate computer emulation is run of your relative.

You are there to see it. (because 30 years later, when it's your time, they are able to freeze you in a far more effective way, or rebuild your body so you don't die in the first place)

Has your relative been murdered? Frankly there is no absolute way to answer that question. Also, such a computer emulation might in fact not match what you remember for numerous reasons, including things not related to the information loss from the freezing. So much of what we think of as "personality traits" may be due to organic flaws in our minds.

Anyways, I see it as a net good. You see it as killing billions. Guess we will have to disagree, but I think it's pretty clear which way society will fall on this once we get closer to concrete realization of these ideas.

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