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Originally Posted by Monty View Post
Of course not. He's Just Asking Questions in his very own (I guess) poisoning the well special way. Of course he believes that nonsense. That's why he reacts so badly when it's pointed out to him it's bullshit.
I'm throwing out hypotheticals that are within the boundaries of the known facts across the entire spectrum from exoneration to guilt, answering questions as they are asked, and correcting anyone who feels the need to declare my intentions as something other than they are.

Personally, I'm ambivalent about whether you choose to hold a particular view on Omar. But if you want to argue her innocence then argue it. Prove or disprove something. Denialism is not evidence. And if you have no interest in that, then stop harping on it and be happy knowing in your heart of hearts that I'm an evil man who makes up lies and impugns the innocent for malicious and unfounded reasons. It's your freedom to believe what you want in your heart. But it's also rude to go telling people what you think of them, Senor I'm-too-partisan-to-logic.

If you're not interested in taking apart the evidence and I don't care about the topic until more better evidence turns up one way or the other, all that leaves us is the ability to call one another poopy-head and shit-cock. Presumably, you have better things to do in your life.

Go. Be happy. Be free. Enjoy your correctness. But, leave me out of it or spend some time trying to prove that the social media posts are faked.