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Originally Posted by Kobal2 View Post
Well, concrete jungles have their own downside(s), and what's possible in Japan due to their strong cultural community values of is not necessarily workable elsewhere. So I wouldn't call for an absolutely unrestricted license to build. Unless you really like Mumbai for some reason.
But I agree there's a more sensible middle to be reached than preserving residential suburbia.
I have nothing against residential suburbia! I grew up in residential suburbia, and I've lived in residential suburbia for most of my adult life, including right now.

But it's a tremendous waste of scarce infrastructure to surround a subway stop with single-family tract housing. The best way to fully utilize it is to enable as many people to live or work within walking distance of that stop as want to live or work there. You want several thousand, not several dozen, people walking to that station every day.

And since I said "within a quarter-mile" that's not exactly going to create Mumbai. Well, maybe a number of very, very small Mumbais.

Though again, if I were the housing god, I'd have some rule for extending the radius once the quarter-mile was built to sufficient density that there were no longer any obvious tear-down-and-build-higher candidates within the circle.