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Originally Posted by Not Carlson View Post
But the way you've been carrying on, I get the impression you've been laying the groundwork to pull either an "I told you so" or an "I never said," depending on how things pan out.
I told my grandma that she shouldn't back Kavanaugh because the level and evidence of accusations for sexual assault tend to ramp up, just after Ford came forward.

No one else came forward.

My aim at the time was to urge caution, rather than for her to dive in to back the guy just because he was on her side.

Having failed to predict the future doesn't mean that my warning wasn't correct. I stand by my judgment that jumping in blind was foolhardy.

My advice has been to do the work. You should download the social media images and examine their metadata to see if there is any evidence that they are faked; you should request the school records of Elmi's University to check for people of a different name and birthdate; and you should email City Pages to ask whether Omar requested a change to the names of her family. Hell, just even check whether Elmo was under or above the age of 21 at the time. There is a wide open gap in the hypothetical just sitting there open. This is not hard.

If you're not exercising caution, you're not doing the work, and you're not paying attention to what is actually being said, then you are failing the mission of this website.

If you do that work, you will not prove me wrong nor right because my argument was and is: Stop being a partisan wuss. If you're scared that you'll prove things the wrong way from what you wanted then don't poke your head in. If you're not worried then stop bitching and do the work.

I win if you put in the effort.

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