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Originally Posted by Sage Rat View Post
She is, fairly undoubtedly, racist against Jews
Apparently I failed to post my mockery of the phrase 'fairly undoubtedly' earlier. I thought I had. That phrase is still an excuse to use an unjustified absolute term ('undoubtedly') by adding a softening adverb ('fairly') which destroys the semantic meaning of the absolute term.

Also, she isn't.

Originally Posted by Sage Rat View Post
I told my grandma that she shouldn't back Kavanaugh because the level and evidence of accusations for sexual assault tend to ramp up, just after Ford came forward.

No one else came forward.
Three different women came forward with different but still unsavory stories about Mr Kavanaugh. Maybe not attempted rapes, but not nothing.

(Considering that Blasey Ford was under constant threat for her testimony, it's very possible that there were more women actually raped by Kavanaugh who were sucessfully intimidated or simply killed by the [sigh] Epstein-Barr mob.)