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Originally Posted by Shodan View Post
Which of the other accusers do you mean - Judy Munro-Leighton, Julie Swetnick, Debbie Ramirez, or Jeffrey Catalan?
Let us compare and contrast if you will. Each of these accusers claimed to have personally witnessed something done by a Kavanaugh.

Not a single accuser of Ilhan Omar has even claimed to know Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, nor Ilhan Omar personally, nor do any of them have personal direct knowledge of any wrongdoings by either of them, nor do they actually know who either of them are actually related to.

The Kavanaugh accusers *may* have been incorrect or lying or otherwise unreliable, but the form of their accusation was inherently... normal. They said they saw that guy do that thing, or that guy did that thing to me.

Omar's accusers are inherently... nonsense. They are cherrypicking documents about people they don't know, latching onto the tiniest inconsistency, and launching bizarre unfounded accusations as a result. And then expect the rest of the world prove them wrong.

And by the way, we've seen how idiots like this react to being proven wrong. They don't accept it. It doesn't matter what you provide, or who you get to certify it, they will just accuse you of lying about it and repeat their idiotic claims. (See Obama Birf Certificate)