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Originally Posted by Sage Rat View Post
If I'm saying, "Don't be lazy." Then asking me, "What does this prove?", is a strange follow-up. And particularly not if you're also quoting me as saying that I don't believe that there's proof.
Dear Sage Rat,

Firstly, kindly stop wagging your finger.

Secondly, rather than typing a half-dozen or so paragraphs scolding me and my fellow sloths, how about just answering the question: "What , if anything, do YOU think they [are evidence toward]"? *
*["proof" being but a figment of lesser minds.]

I haven't said the images are faked!
Let alone make some bonkers claim about precognitive right-wing trolls enrolling in 3-year Somali language courses.
I'm just curious why YOU think they're so pertinent to the accusation that Ilham Omar married her brother.

Again, the context of this discussion is that, as you acknowledge, a lazy asshole (not me, Annoyed) posted a spurious accusation and then buggered off.

A bunch of folks said "well that looks like bullshit."
And then you come along with gumboots and shovel saying "Don't be lazy! Let me show you how it's done!"
After some vigorous shoveling, you declare "Well, on a spectrum of herbaceous digestion, it currently appears to be bullshit . . . OR IS IT?"

Ok, I'm being silly.
Please tell me what you think those social media posts and photos indicate, and where on your spectrum of evidence you feel they lie.