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Originally Posted by Sage Rat View Post
There's a difference between evidence, proof, and what I'll call "credence".

If a woman claims that Trump molested her, that claim has credence. Saying that her accusation has credence is not the same thing as saying that Trump is guilty of molesting that woman in specific. It means that there's sufficient evidence in that case or in other cases (or the simple number of similar accusations) that pretty much any new accusation has credence. But she could also be a complete liar. Saying that a hypothetical has credence is a different thing from saying "This is what happened. I have proved/disproved it."
This claim about Omar does not have credence.

It isn't made by someone who purports to have actual knowledge about her and her family. The claim is counter to what is openly known about her family and circumstance. The claim also requires a series of bizarre actions to be taken, not the least of which is a father abandoning his 5 year old son while fleeing Somalia with the rest of the kids, and that son choosing to become a US citizen via a felonious sham marriage rather than just doing it legally, which was his right to do.

Since the claim is made by someone with zero personal knowledge of the situation, in order to HAVE credence they need to present evidence, and they have not.