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Originally Posted by Knowed Out View Post
OP: to clarify, are you advocating that sense God gave everyone free will, atheists shouldn't be able to refute it because it actually exists?
It doesn't sound like that; it more sounds like he's proposing his own idea of how free will might work, something that supposedly would be functional within an atheist worldview. Way back in this post he said

Originally Posted by KidCharlemagne View Post
Free will, from a Newtonian perspective, would outright violate the laws of physics (let's forget quantum mechanics just for a minute). In order for there to be a decision via free will, some chemical reaction in the brain must have taken place that wouldn't have taken place otherwise. If it was simply reacting according to known laws, then it wasn't free will. I'm talking here about the very genesis of the decision, not the resulting chain of reactions (that may very well follow the laws of nature). But at that moment of free decision, some chemical reaction must have been stopped or started by something that violates the laws of chemistry.
So he wants decisions to be made by something that violates the laws of physics/chemistry, which sure sounds like it could be an appeal to souls, doesn't it? However he then proceeds to argue that quantum mechanics are the source of the decision making, presumably via QM having some sort of sentience or something. I didn't really attempt to follow that too closely myself; it makes little sense to me that decisions can be made by anything that doesn't have access to (and an understanding of) all the mental state. And in a non-spiritualist model all that can safely be assumed to be being stored in the brain, not in the quantum layer or whatever.