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Originally Posted by Thing Fish View Post
How about “my favored candidate is one of the dozen-plus candidates who isn’t showing possible early signs of senility”?
I hate to break the news to you, but Faux News has already noticed this.
Well, Biden as a "gaffe machine" has been talked about for, what, forty years? So why weren't people talking about his supposed "senility" when he was a Senator? (And VP and all the rest of his life?)

It's an attack that's doubly absurd when you look at Biden's prospective opponent, Donald Dementia Trump. (Again, I am not in the tank for Biden. I'm just of a mind that doing the GOP's work for them by attacking individual Dems is stupid.)

Originally Posted by CarnalK View Post
Non-rhetorical answer: no, it doesn't matter because, big surprise, the Republicans have people who already know about this shit.
Why help Republicans?

I guarantee you that Democratic foes of Bernie have come up with lines of anti-Bernie attack that the right wouldn't have thought up on their own--and the same is probably true for Biden and Harris and Warren and all the rest.

Why help Republicans? Let them muddle along with their dim little mental powers.

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