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Originally Posted by CarnalK View Post
Of course that's all bad stuff for Clinton and it probably helped sink her (except Vince Foster, come on). But you are contending that it would have been better if that had all been ignored in the primaries and would have either been unmentioned or less effective if it only got brought out in the general. ..
No, I'm contending that personal (as opposed to policy) attacks by fellow-Democrats, help legitimize those personal attacks.

Originally Posted by asahi View Post
What we're debating here is whether other candidates should pull their punches out of respect for an old guy who has been told it's his turn and he's electable. I say let voters themselves decide who's electable and let the candidates go at it.
Refraining from undermining this front-runner is nothing to do with "it's his turn"---who is saying that, anyway?

"Electable," on the other hand, is not irrelevant, nor trivial. When Biden announced I expected he'd have the usual announcement-bounce, then settle into the top spot by a few percentage points (given the name-recognition factor). Instead he's been comfortably ahead by double-digits most of the months since the announcement. Probably no one posting here finds him to be the most inspirational candidate ever, and our arrogant assumption is that because of that, He Must Go. We are ignoring a vast number of voters, and we are ignoring them to our peril.

If you want to do the GOP's work by deep-sixing someone who would certainly be a vast improvement on Trump, no matter how old, then go ahead.

Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
There is a balance. You donít want to be left with a nominee who has their unfavorables high going into the general by a
mostly negative primary campaign. But you do need a fair critical evaluation of the candidates.

To his credit Sanders played it right with the ďI donít care about your emailsĒ bit. The level of criticism he played was fine and he criticized lots. Not GOP under the belt ones though. He failed to recognize when the time had come to circle the wagons however and never did so very well. He was a bad loser.
Yes. There is a time to stop the infighting. There is a time to put a lid on personal ambition and think about the good of the country.

Maybe one of the other candidates will, organically (that is, not through knife wounds administered by fellow-Democrats) emerge as a new front-runner. If they don't, though: it's time to be patriots. And adults. It's time to realize that there is a larger issue, here:

We are only beginning to see the harm Trump has done. And he will do more. Now is the time to look at the damn polls and realize that our own personal opinions may not be the best gauge of the nation as a whole. It's time to stop aiding and abetting the forces of repression. Stop working the straight Kremlin line: Oh, no, we're not excited about Biden. He's got all these flaws. Oh, how tragic! We must have candidates who excite us, or we just can't be expected to vote!!1!!!!! So get out the knives and start stabbing! That way we'll get the ideal candidate--one we can revere and adore!

Are we really going to be so foolish?