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Originally Posted by Monty View Post
What load of rubbish. The accusations are 100% bullshit.

Don't weasel, and I won't call you one. That's more than you're affording Ms. Omar.
Monty, are you perhaps interpreting my words in post #269 or #283 as deliberately implying or insinuating that Ilham Omar has done something wrong?
Because that is in no way my intention.
Did you perhaps skip over everything I wrote challenging the OP and Sage Rat in defense of Omar? Because thatís the only way I can see you interpreting my words that way.

I came to this thread to defend Ilham Omar because I think sheís an intelligent and honest person and the type of progressive leader that is very much needed in politics today. And because I see a lot of hateful and dishonest attacks being made on her.
But if youíre determined to see me as a weasel, then saying all this isnít going to make a lick of difference, since you will probably assume that Iím lying.