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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
That doesnt have the quotes from Krugman & Gunnar Myrdal that say "rent control leads to housing shortages". In fact, your cite doent appear to have anything from Krugman & Gunnar Myrdal.

And that's not a paper from either of those two worthies, just a off the cuff comment. Let's see a actual paper (you know, with citations, published, peer reviewed, that sort of stuff, liek I have given) from either on rent control. Not a one liner.

Then you quote Krugman & Gunnar Myrdal , without a cite and without context.
Now, i want their words, in context. Not somebody else quoting them. Their words on their papers.

Yes, but I cited a actual paper, with references, citations, etc.

That lovely quote i mentioned from Myrdal has been used a lot, but at least two commentators have pointed out it is used out of context and doesnt refer to the USA at all.

So, I guess you dont have what i asked for.
Your cite used the wrong font. I won’t accept it.