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Originally Posted by Shodan View Post
And still you didn't understand it.
And you're still wrong, contrary to your confident, yet completely unsupported and contradicted assumption.
I didn't ring it up; I posted it.
My apologies, I did make a slight typo there. Either you were incapable of parsing the sentence with a single typo, or you are using a slight mistake as an excuse to avoid the question.

So, assuming that you were actually confused, then with all due apologies for the prior typo: If you didn't think it was relevant, why did you bring it up?
A story for children, and still you don't get it.

:shrugs: I don't pretend to be better than Aesop at explaining things.
No, once again, you make assertions that are incorrect. I got it just fine. I take it that means that you are unable to answer such a simple question?